Dynamic Linking Example

Reading Time: 4 minutes Following example covers API like dladdr, dlclose, dlerror, dlopen, dlsym and flags like RTLD_LAZY, RTLD_NOW, RTLD_GLOBAL, `RTLD_LOCAL, RTLD_NODELETE, RTLD_NOLOAD, RTLD_NEXT, RTLD_DEFAULT, etc. […]

How Program Gets Run: Linux

Reading Time: 9 minutes I know it’s long, but please bear with me & have patience. How do we launch our programs? Do you […]

Understand ELF file format

Reading Time: 8 minutes ELF is the file format used for object files (.os), binaries, shared libraries and core dumps in Linux. ELF has […]

Unix Domain Socket

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brief A Unix domain socket or IPC socket is a data communications endpoint for exchanging data between processes executing on […]

A Bit About vfork

Reading Time: < 1 minute What is vfork ? It’s a special case of a clone. It is used to create new processes without copying […]

Error Handling : setjmp & longjmp

Reading Time: < 1 minute Points To Catch As for the control flow: setjmp returns twice, and longjmp never returns. When you call setjmp for […]