About Me

Hey there…! I am Vishal.

I live in Bangalore(India).

I write articles here about the things I’m interested in.

I watch a lot of sci-fi movies & never miss iron-man/transformer like series.

I write code & preserve it if it is helpful to others & me in the future.

I am working with passionate & heterogeneous peoples to build the virtual prototype for electronic systems, computing platforms & SoCs to reduce time to market, pre-silicon functional verification, architecture exploration & early software development.

I am Software Developer⌨, Mentor🔦, Fitness Freak🏋, Geek🤓, Hipster🕴, Blogger👨‍💻, Productivity Hacker⌚, Technical Writer✍️, Always a Student👨‍🎓 & Learning Junkie📚.

This site is host to a variety of things professional and personal; you can learn more about who I am, take a look at my CV, or read my articles and if you have any questions, you can contact me.

Have a blessed day! 😇