coroutine in c

Coroutine in C Language

Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s been quite a while that I haven’t published anything on my blog. But that’s due to the job change. I hope you understand that it has never been easy to re-settle in a new environment with new people while […]

How C program converted into assembly?

How C Program Converts Into Assembly!

Reading Time: 5 minutes In an earlier article, we have seen C runtime: before starting main & How C program stored in RAM memory. Here we will see “How C program converts into assembly?” and different aspect of its working at the machine level. […]

Memory layout of C program

How C Program Stored in Ram Memory!

Reading Time: 7 minutes When you run any C-program, its executable image loaded into RAM of computer in an organized manner which called process address space or memory layout of C program. Here I have tried to show you the same thing in two […]

Default Handlers in C: weak_alias

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Default Handlers in C: weak_alias function tells the linker that new is to be a weak alias for  old. That is, this definition of new is a weak symbol. If there is no other definition of a symbol called new, […]

How floating-point no stored in memory

How Floating-Point No Is Stored in Memory?

Reading Time: 5 minutes This article is just a simplification of the IEEE 754 standard. Here, we will see how floating-point no stored in memory, floating-point exceptions/rounding, etc. But if you will want to find more authoritative sources then go for What Every Computer Scientist […]

How do malloc & free work vishal chovatiya

How Do malloc & free Work in C!

Reading Time: 4 minutes As we know, the process can allocate & deallocate memory using malloc & free in C language. But do you ever consider what happens behind the scene ? or How do malloc & free work?  Let see Allocating Memory on […]

CRT: C Run Time Before Starting main()

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are a lot of functions called before & after the main execution. As an application developer you need not worry about this stuff, but yes! if you are a core developer who works in Linux kernel, Binutils, compiler or […]