Dynamic Linking Example

Reading Time: 4 minutes Following example covers API like dladdr, dlclose, dlerror, dlopen, dlsym and flags like RTLD_LAZY, RTLD_NOW, RTLD_GLOBAL, `RTLD_LOCAL, RTLD_NODELETE, RTLD_NOLOAD, RTLD_NEXT, RTLD_DEFAULT, etc. At First Sight, This Might Look Lengthy & Alien, But If You Spend 5 Min, You Might Get What You Looking […]

How to hack C/C++ application using RTLD_NEXT with an easy example

Reading Time: 4 minutes While I was working as a core C library developer with my previous employer. I came across this RTLD_NEXT flag in dynamic linking which has the amazing capability and can be easily exploited or used for unethical purpose(Here I intend […]